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We have shiatsu massage reflexology, deep tissue, Chinese tuina, hot stone massage, and couples massage. The body is intended to self-heal, but factors like lack of sleep, stress, chemical toxins and pain often hinder our ability to rehabilitate our unforgiving environment make self-rejuvenation a challenge. Whether you want to energize self-repair, or simply relax. Taiji oriental massage provides you with a comprehensive and personalized massage wellness program to achieve the maximum benefits of massage.

$35…Shiatsu Massage–30Mins
$45…Shiatsu Massage–45Mins
$50…Shiatsu Massage–60Mins
$75…Shiatsu Massage–90Mins
$100…Shiatsu Massage–120Mins
shiatsu is an old,traditional healing method. Shiatsu means,finger pressure,the shiatsu massage therapist uses palms, fingers thumbs knuckles, elbows, knees and the feet to work on your body.

$40…Aromatherapy Massage–30Mins
$50…Aromatherapy Massage–45Mins
$60…Aromatherapy Massage–60Mins
$90…Aromatherapy Massage–90Mins
$120…Aromatherapy Massage–120Mins
Through the in galati on and application of our pure essential oil ,this relaxation massage to balance and enliven the body, these special oil blends enhance the massage experience and invite health ,an in-depth consultant with our therapist for aroma selection begins your scented journey.

$35…Muscle Tissue+Hot Stone–30Mins
$45…Muscle Tissue+Hot Stone–45Mins
$50…Muscle Tissue+Hot Stone–60Mins
$75…Muscle Tissue+Hot Stone–90Mins
$100…Muscle Tissue+Hot Stone–120Mins
Targeting deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow and focused techniques are used to address specific areas of chronic muscle tensions or minor sports injuries ,which may lead to discomfort.usually one or tow areas receive deep tissue targeting with firm massage on the rest of the body. This concentrated deeper massage using firm pressure and hot towels hot stones .heated indulgence.

$30…Foot Reflexology–30Mins

$40…Foot Reflexology–60Mins

Swedish Massage

$35…Swedish Massage–30Mins
$45…Swedish Massage–45Mins
$50…Swedish Massage–60Mins
$75…Swedish Massage–90Mins
$100…Swedish Massage–120Mins

A technique that works critical points on the hands and feet that improve the entire body’s health.inreflexology ,the reflexologist views the hands and feet as a mirror image of the entire body and every organ.they apply pressure in a circular. Motion to relieve patterns of stress in the body .some of the things reflexology can be for balancing emotions, restoring circulation throughout the entire body relieving stress, it can relieve insomnia and help lower blood pressure.the genuine reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the feet by using hands fingers with cream and oil.


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